Wall Murals – Upload Your Own Panoramic

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Feel free to upload your own image! If you would like another size that is not listed below, please email us at info@WallzRus.com and we will gladly quote you on your desired size.

What kind of files should I upload?

Please send the highest-resolution files you have.

Any other files are fine as long as the resolution is good.

How do you know if the resolution is good?

You want the logo/image to be at full size with at least 72 dpi resolution.

Examples of resolution:

300 dpi (dots per inch) at full size is an excellent resolution.

72 dpi at full size is also a good resolution and will print great!

Lower than 72 dpi at full size will pixelate and look fuzzy.

Don’t worry!

Once we receive your image or artwork, we will make sure the resolution is good and they will all print great! We absolutely dislike printing fuzzy logos.

My file is too low resolution…can you help?

We can help you, just send us your image and we will analyze it. If it is not up to par with our requirements we will send you a few ideas we might have that are similar to your image.

More questions about uploading your own design or image?

Email us anytime! info@WallzRus.com




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