Wall mural Installation

What you need to know before you begin:

Wall Mural Installation is easy, just take note of the few important points below to achieve beauty at its’ finest!

  • Do not apply on vinyl or textured walls. Only apply on a flat, smooth and clean surface. For walls, we advise applying a coat of primer and a coat of paint to avoid possible residue or peel paint upon removal.
  • Please wait at least 5 days for the paint to fully dry. Bubbles can occur if the paint is wet. Ideal paints are white or light colour with a semi-gloss or glossy finish.
  • All our murals stick to low, preferably no VOC paints.
  • Installation is recommended not longer than 2 weeks after you receive your order.
  • Only use a dry cloth or duster to clean your mural. Do not use water, soap or chemicals! 

What you might need:

  • A trimming tool (Xacto knife).
  • A rubber or soft squeegee.
  • A short ladder or step stool.
  • A dry cloth.
  • A measuring tape.

3 Step Wall Mural Installation

wall mural installation

Step 1: Align your Image

wall mural installation

Step 2: Peel Off the Backing

wall mural installation

Step 3: Stick It!

Quick Video Installation

Having trouble installing it?

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